Net Neutrality (NN) and the Debate Around

Apr 13 2015|Lab,Chandigarh

Save the Internet, Save the Internet in India, Internet Freedom in Internet and awareness on NET NEUTRALITY (NN) In these days there is overwhelm campaign is going on social media and news media.

On the 27th-Mar-2015, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) Released/issued a Consultation Paper on Regulatory Framework for Over-the-top(OTT) services and asked Individuals to provide views/opinon before 24th-Apr-2015 in form of answers with justifcation aginst each questions mentioned in each param of Consultation Paper.

There are 118 pages Consultation paper 118 and divided into several para and at end of each para question is mentioned.

View the Consultation Paper on Regulatory Framework for Over-the-top(OTT) services

What is Net neutrality (NN) ? Net neutrality (NN) is generally construed to mean that TSPs(Telecom Service Providers) must treat all internet traffic on an equal basis, no matter its type or origin of content or means used to transmit packets. All points in a network should be able to connect to all other points in the network and service providers should be able to deliver traffic from one point to another seamlessly, without any differentiation on speed, access or price. The principle simply means that all internet traffic should be treated equally.

Openness has been the guiding principle for the growth of the internet. This has been vital for innovation on the internet. NN ensures that new entrants in a business running on the internet are able to compete fairly with incumbent giants. Proponents of NN contend that when a service provider breaches neutrality of a network, new entrants become vulnerable to unfair competition as their access to the internet infrastructure is restricted. They argue that any preferential treatment of internet traffic would put newer online companies at a disadvantage and slow down innovation in online services. Source-TRAI